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“My divorce was a living hell. Even worse. We both had lawyers. Probably the wrong ones because, as it turned out, I think they hated each other more than my wife and I did. At least that’s how it seemed and maybe that was part of the problem. Every damn thing was a battle royal and nothing ever got settled. Three years. Tons of paperwork for what, I didn’t even know. I can’t count how many times we went to court and nothing ever got resolved. All I know is three years and about $230,000 later it’s finally over and no one is really happy. Maybe the lawyers.”

“John’s ordeal would never happen in Provorce. First of all, the lawyers treat each other respectfully and are cooperative. Secondly, instead of going to court every time there is an issue, we would all get together to work it out. This saves dozens of hours and thousands of dollars that would be spent preparing motions for court, not to mention the many wasted hours in court. Thirdly, instead of a judge making a decision, which is usually for one party and against the other – a win-lose, we help clients solve their own problems –
a win-win.”

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Nancy Kaye Kirsch, Financial Professional I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, and Certified Divo...
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631 271-4211
Neil S. Grossman, Ph.D. Dr. Grossman is a clinical and forensic psychologist specializing in chi...
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Roxane Polak I help couples and families communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts, create...
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