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The Team Dynamic

dfsbfbsProvorce Professionals Work Together to Reach Agreeable Divorce Terms
Without a Trial

PROVORCE Professional Team Members are highly trained in all aspects of divorce and related family matters. Each brings to the table their individual expertise and discipline to help keep the parties informed, on track, and moving toward their goals.

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The PROVORCE Team Dynamic

When conflicts arise, the team dynamic helps them to understand each other’s concerns, often enabling creative compromise solutions.


Attorneys help their clients understand the difference between PROVORCE and traditional adversarial proceedings. Instead of negotiating with each other about what the attorneys think is best, they work together with the clients, mental health professionals and a financial specialist for what the clients think is best.

Their  focus is on what is best for the family as a whole. All participants, clients and professionals, act respectfully toward each other. Attorneys advise their clients of the law and how it relates to their goals. Consequences, both long and short term, of possible agreements and how they relate to the clients’ goals are carefully
and thoroughly considered.


PROVORCE Mental Health Practitioners work with the couple together and individually to get through what is a difficult time in their lives. They help clients practice non-defensive behavior and communication skills so critical in reaching fair and respectful solutions. The support and guidance of the Coach helps both sides keep the emotional stress that is, understandably, a natural part of the process manageable
and minimal.


PROVORCE Financial Experts help the parties navigate the myriad amount of information so important in any divorce action. Family financial matters, often the province of only one of the spouses, can put the other at an extreme disadvantage. By empowering the less knowledgable spouse with information and understanding the Financial Advisor can alleviate feelings of inadequacy. Providing a clear, concise picture of the family’s current financial position, future scenarios, tax ramifications and asset management can allow them to make important decisions going forward.


PROVORCE Child Specialists are an all-important resource in the process. Paramount in every case involving children is making their protection a primary objective. They don’t have to be victims. They are kept top of mind by both spouses as well as by the team professionals at all times. The Child Specialist will help the parties talk to their children in ways that will minimize or eliminate the trauma often present in family conflict. Co-parenting options are discussed and developed based on the best interests of the children with the healthiest possible post-divorce relationships as the goal.

Smoothing the Course of Divorce