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Who Is Provorce For?


  • Those who want to be in control of making important decisions for their future instead of leaving them to an uninterested third party like a judge
  • Those who, above all else, want the best possible protection and outcome for their children
  • Those who realize, fundamentally, that they want to do the right thing in ending their marriage
  • Those who want the healthiest post-divorce relationships possible
  • Those whose love for their children far outweighs their dislike for each other


  • Those who are in relationships that include domestic violence, whether physical or emotional
  • Those who are unable to put aside their hatred of their spouse
  • Those who are intent upon inflicting the most possible emotional and financial harm
  • Those who are willing to spend as much time or money as it takes
    to “win”
  • Those who are whether intentionally or unintentionally, going to bring children into the conflict

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